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Investors: Stop funding Adani or risk complicity in its deception

abrdn Allianz PIMCO TIAA and Nuveen Adani Investors

The investors who responded on KEPCO

abrdn BNP Paribas HSBC KEPCO

How fixed income investors can speed up the transition to a carbon


The investors who failed to response when asked to drop KEPCO

KEPCO Investors

JICA faces US Securities complaint for ‘misleading’ investors on coal

Bond investors readiness for climate action


$1.9 trillion of fossil fuel bonds issued since the Paris Agreement

abrdn Allianz AXA PIMCO TIAA and Nuveen Vanguard Asset managers

The financial institutions behind the 5 biggest fossil fuel bonds of 2023

abrdn Allianz BlackRock PIMCO Vanguard BNP Paribas Citi JPMorgan ConocoPhillips Eni Saudi Aramco

Global Oil and Gas Exit List

Adani’s controversies: a failed test for MSCI’s index standards

Adani Index providers

$46 billion in fossil fuel ‘Dirty 30’ bonds maturing in 2023 and 2024

Global Coal Exit List

Report unveils Barclays’ troubling ties with Adani

Barclays Adani Banks

Integrity at stake: The case to remove Adani from MSCI indexes

Adani Index providers

Insider trading scandal should serve as the ultimate red line for Adani’s financial backers


Investments in ConocoPhillips lead to it crossing bondholders’ tar sands exclusion threshold


US banks’ role in capital markets reveals hidden pipeline for fossil fuel financing

Bank of America Citi Goldman Sachs JPMorgan Morgan Stanley Wells Fargo Banks

An assessment of asset managers’ climate action


Bondholder stewardship guidance: good step but with key gaps


Adani Green? All investments lead to coal