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Toxic Bonds Network demands major banks stop underwriting KEPCO’s bonds

Citi Standard Chartered KEPCO

NGOS call on banks and investors to stop financing TotalEnergies’ bonds

abrdn Allianz BlackRock PIMCO UBS Barclays BNP Paribas Citi Credit Agricole Deutsche Bank JPMorgan Royal Bank of Canada Societe Generale TotalEnergies

Banks financing company behind controversial Rosebank oil field despite climate pledges

Bank of America BNP Paribas Deutsche Bank Goldman Sachs HSBC ING JPMorgan Lloyds Morgan Stanley NatWest Wells Fargo Ithaca Energy Banks

Climate & frontline groups demand banks end LNG finance

Bank of America Citi Mizuho Royal Bank of Canada Banks

Fossil fuel bond failure leaves UK’s largest pension funds open to legal risk

Banks committed to net zero still funding North Sea oil expansion by Equinor

Bank of America Barclays BNP Paribas Citi Credit Agricole Deutsche Bank Goldman Sachs JPMorgan Morgan Stanley Societe Generale Standard Chartered Equinor Banks

Universities urge asset managers to end support for new fossil fuel projects


Toxic Bonds call on Science Museum to drop Adani sponsorship

Adani Equinor

Letter to Adani’s index providers

Adani Index providers

Letter to Adani’s banks calling on them to stop underwriting new bonds

Barclays Citi Deutsche Bank Standard Chartered Adani Banks