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Adani’s controversies: a failed test for MSCI’s index standards

Adani Index providers

Report unveils Barclays’ troubling ties with Adani

Barclays Adani Banks

Integrity at stake: The case to remove Adani from MSCI indexes

Adani Index providers

Investors: Stop funding Adani or risk complicity in its deception

abrdn Allianz PIMCO TIAA and Nuveen Adani Investors

Insider trading scandal should serve as the ultimate red line for Adani’s financial backers


Adani critics suppressed by Indian government


Adani Green? All investments lead to coal


Three Adani Group companies booted from UN Science Based Targets Initiative


Adani Group urged to responsibly divest from their military-linked businesses in Myanmar


Toxic Bonds call on Science Museum to drop Adani sponsorship

Adani Equinor

Letter to Adani’s index providers

Adani Index providers

Adani’s toxic bonds


Letter to Adani’s banks calling on them to stop underwriting new bonds

Barclays Citi Deutsche Bank Standard Chartered Adani Banks

Letter to Adani’s biggest bondholders

abrdn Amundi BlackRock Credit Suisse J.P. Morgan PIMCO TIAA and Nuveen UBS Adani Investors

Adani could be responsible for 32% of the global energy-related carbon emissions


$46 billion in fossil fuel ‘Dirty 30’ bonds maturing in 2023 and 2024

Global Coal Exit List

‘abrdoomed’: Edinburgh-based investment firm abrdn rebranded due to scrutiny over coal investments

abrdn Investors

Campaigners call on TIAA to retire fossil fuels

TIAA and Nuveen Investors

Campaigners call on abrdn to deny debt to fossil fuels at its AGM

abrdn Investors