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Facilitated emissions standard allows banks to underreport climate impact


US banks’ role in capital markets reveals hidden pipeline for fossil fuel financing

Bank of America Citi Goldman Sachs JPMorgan Morgan Stanley Wells Fargo Banks

Banks committed to net zero still funding North Sea oil expansion by Equinor

Bank of America Barclays BNP Paribas Citi Credit Agricole Deutsche Bank Goldman Sachs JPMorgan Morgan Stanley Societe Generale Standard Chartered Equinor Banks

Why banks should account for their full share of facilitated emissions


Role of major French banks highlighted in Saudi Aramco bond issue

BNP Paribas Credit Agricole Natixis Societe Generale Saudi Aramco Banks

Letter to Adani’s banks calling on them to stop underwriting new bonds

Barclays Citi Deutsche Bank Standard Chartered Adani Banks

Just 7% of global banks’ energy financing goes to renewables

Barclays BNP Paribas Citi HSBC JPMorgan Royal Bank of Canada Banks

Top banks neglect bonds in climate targets

Banks Net zero

Europe’s largest banks do not apply underwriting to their climate disclosures or policies


Leaders or laggards? Analysing US banks’ net zero commitments

Bank of America Citi Goldman Sachs JPMorgan Morgan Stanley Wells Fargo Banks Net zero

How banks are breaking their Net Zero pledges to finance climate chaos

Citi JPMorgan Banks Net zero

The financial institutions behind the 5 biggest fossil fuel bonds of 2023

abrdn Allianz BlackRock PIMCO Vanguard BNP Paribas Citi JPMorgan ConocoPhillips Eni Saudi Aramco

Global Oil and Gas Exit List

$46 billion in fossil fuel ‘Dirty 30’ bonds maturing in 2023 and 2024

Sustainable Power Policy Tracker


Global Coal Exit List

Report unveils Barclays’ troubling ties with Adani

Barclays Adani Banks

Insider trading scandal should serve as the ultimate red line for Adani’s financial backers


Adani Green? All investments lead to coal


Defund TotalEnergies: a new campaign targets the company’s financial supporters